Investing in women.

Growing up in a single parent household, if you translated my family history into data points, statistically I should have never gone to college or even graduated high school. (Fun fact: I did grade 9 math three times) However, I not only became the first to do both, I carried an audacity and decided to live by 'Why not Me?'  ever since. This audacity empowered me to build a 7 figure side hustle, and a second social enterprise while juggling life as a mom with a full-time career at Shopify.

Do I do it all it alone? Absolutely not. I carry an abundance of gratitude for the people who have invested in me, and have supported me along my journey.

As result, I've developed a deeply rooted passion for supporting and investing in women from diverse and intersectional backgrounds.

I want to help you realize your potential. To be audacious. Because, why not you?

A little more about me:

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social entrepreneur

In 2013 I started my first company, Tease Tea, out of my tiny condo in Toronto. Today, Tease Tea has grown into a 7 figure social enterprise with customers in over 30 countries. To date, we have raised over $150k in product and financial support to programs dedicated to empowering the lives or businesses of women.

investing in women

In 2019, we built a giveback program under Tease Tea called Founders Fund. Thanks to founders coming together to pay their success forward, we supported over 200 women-identifying entrepreneurs gain gain access to mentorship and resources for their business. We also funded 5 companies. Founders Fund has since grown into its own social enterprise to support members along their entrepreneurial journey. In 2020, we are on track to support 500 founders and fund 10 companies.

professional speaker

From the importance of investing in your potential to all things e-commerce and building a brand with purpose, I've had the pleasure of speaking at dozens of events around these topics. If you're interested booking me as a panelist, keynote speaker, podcast guest or workshop host - let's chat.

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