I believe in continuously being a student of self improvement.  I believe in being kind to yourself before you can be kind to others. I believe hustle is the key ingredient for success. I believe there is no work/life balance, only life.  I believe you need great people to create a great company. I believe however you feel, there is always a tea for that.


Established in 2014, I am the founder of Canadian online tea company Tease Tea. We are a small and dedicated team who have expanded onto Amazon, two pop ups in New York City, and select retailers. 

tea sommelier

In 2013, I embarked on an 8 month journey to become a Tea Sommelier, certified by the Tea Association of Canada. I teach this program at Algonquin College and am a trusted on air tea expert for CTV and contributor for the Huffington Post, engaging others in the lifestyle of tea and health & wellness.

live for the hustle.

To me, hustle means constantly seeking opportunities for growth, knocking down doors, avoiding the word no, and fearlessly pursuing goals that set your soul on fire.